2018 Songs of the Year: Halfway Point

We have reached the end of June. The halfway point of the music year. This means everyone is coming out with their best of the year lists so far. So as a credible music publication it only seems right that I follow the flock and list my top thirty songs of the year. The first … Continue reading 2018 Songs of the Year: Halfway Point


The return of Kanye!

After spending over one year out of the spotlight, American rapper Kanye West is back, and as usual his return is causing all sorts of comment and controversy. Kanye was last heard from at the end of 2016 during his Saint Pablo tour promoting his last studio album The Life of Pablo. The tour was … Continue reading The return of Kanye!

Why Record Store Day still matters

Everyone loves music. And for most people these days, their music listening is conducted online through streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. However, for some fans, the physical still trumps the digital, which is why tomorrow many will turn out to their local record store to support and celebrate Record Store Day. Originating in 2007 in … Continue reading Why Record Store Day still matters