Rock and Roll Hall of Shame


Today in Brooklyn, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that most pompous of all pompous, self-indulgent organisations in the music industry, and trust me there are many of those, is gathering to induct their latest class of Hall of Famers. This year, the inductees are Pearl Jam, Yes, Journey, Tupac, Joan Baez and Electric Light Orchestra. Chic’s Nile Rodgers is also getting a special induction, probably to compensate for the fact his band has been nominated for this sham of a hall ten times but has failed to be inducted.

Out of this year’s inductees, Yes, Tupac, Joan Baez, and Rodgers all deserve to be inducted, but Journey and ELO? You have got to be kidding me, and Pearl Jam in their first year of eligibility? Give me a break.

The people who run this Hall are out of touch, have no awareness around cultural trends in popular music history and are anchored firmly in their harbor of white, safe, middle of the road 70s and 80s classic rock. They will induct hip-hop acts as a token to appear relevant, and deserving acts such as Yes and Deep Purple long after they should have been inducted. They ignore indie, prog rock, punk, new wave, hip-hop and funk artists, while they favor American artists overwhelmingly ahead of British artists and non-Western artists, many of whom are more deserving of being inducted, not to mention have been more influential in popular music.

I am not surprised this year, I am not surprised any year about the state of this institution, and have quite frankly given up on it. They will never be able to get it right, they are clueless about what their institution stands for, and they will continue to neglect the pioneers, the innovators, and the influencers when it comes to inducting artists into their hall.

Another year gone, another year I have to post my alternative Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What the actual fuck that these people are not in the hall but Journey is!


A Tribe Called Quest


Bad Brains

Big Star

Billy Bragg



The Cars


The Cure

De La Soul


Dick Dale

Dire Straits

Doobie Brothers

Fairport Convention

Gary Numan

Gil Scott-Heron

Gipsy Kings

Grace Jones

Harry Nilsson

Iron Maiden

The Jam

Joe Cocker

John Coltrane

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers

Joy Division

Kate Bush

King Crimson


Massive Attack

The Meters


New Order

Nick Drake

Pet Shop Boys


Primal Scream

Procol Harum

The Replacements

Roxy Music

Roy Ayers

Scott Walker

Shangri Las

The Smiths

Sonic Youth

The Specials

Stone Roses

T Rex


Warren Zevon

Todd Rundgren

Willie Nelson

The Zombies


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