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Finding good music news online can be a struggle. This is especially the case when it comes to deciphering actual, quality music-content from entertainment music gossip. There are many sites that specialize in the latter, but what you are not getting from them is music journalism. That is, informed reviews and interesting feature pieces discussing the ever-changing music world and important industry issues. Thankfully though, in recent years since starting this blog, I have come across more and more quality music news sites where fantastic journalism and writing takes place. Yes, there is always room for clickbaity things on these sites, as long as the flashy clickbaity headlines do not undermine the good work that goes on elsewhere.

Considering this, I have come up with a list of my favorite music news sites, and ones that I feel are must-visits if you are interested in keeping tabs on all the latest music news and reviews.


Great for artist bios, discography’s and music industry news.


Arguably the best site for international hip hop news along with its sister offshoot Pigeons and Planes.

Consequence of Sound

Great site for up-to-date music news and stories, and for following breaking stories.

Guardian Music

The Guardian has a great team of writers who do terrific reviews, as well as historical feature pieces. They also have a great new artist of the week segment where I discovered the likes of NAO and Jalen N’Gonda.


Oh NME I have found you have slipped into tabloidism in recent years, but I cannot give you up. Great for industry gossip, clickbait listicles, and of course Noel and Liam Gallagher quotes.


Vices music arm. Noisey is another great source for feature pieces and also like Complex does hip hop news very well.

NPR Music

Great for streaming leaked albums and pre-released material.


Arguably now the best site online for music news, reviews and feature pieces. Pitchfork have lifted their game big time in recent years and is a must visit if you are in any way into music.

The Quietus

Started by British journalist John Doran, the Quietus is great for independent music news and historical features. They also do a great feature where they get musicians to talk about their favorite albums.

Rolling Stone

Good old Rolling Stone still going strong after all these years. Great for feature pieces and anything to do with classic rock circa 1965-1995.


Really great New Zealand site that focuses primarily on hip-hop and R&B.

Under the Radar

Awesome New Zealand site that has quickly become the must go to place for gig info, as well as news about the alternative and indie scenes.

The 13th Floor

The brainchild of music extraordinaire Marty Duda, this site has developed significantly over the last year from a simple blog into a fully fledged music news source. Especially great for concert reviews and gig information.

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