Tracks of the Week 2: 14/2 – 21/2

Back again for the second instalment of Tracks of the Week. Let me know if there were any tracks you enjoyed over the past seven days which I might have missed. These are just five selections that I dig.

Aesop Rock – “Rings”

I find that hip hop lends itself particularly well to personal narratives & reflection upon past experiences, which is what this new track by Aesop Rock provides. It’s a recollection of the New York rapper’s failed ventures as a visual artist, lyrically very solid and an appreciable flow that doesn’t leave the listener reeling. I just wish there was bit more spice with the production. But I’ll be checking out Aesop’s new project regardless. 3.5/5

Kanye West – “Ultralight Beam”

Since last week’s post, The Life of Pablo (Mk I) has been & gone. Amongst its 18 tracks are a handful of songs I’d rank alongside Kanye’s best material, one of the standouts being the rousing, gospeltastic opener “Ultralight Beam” featuring Kelly Price, The-Dream, Kirk Franklin and a verse from Chance The Rapper which has been touted as the best set of rhymes on the album – I’d be reluctant to disagree. 4.5/5

J Dilla – “The Introduction”

Those familiar with Jay Dee a.k.a. J Dilla know that his place as a legendary producer & beatmaker is indisputable. But the upcoming release The Diary is a collection of Dilla’s vocal work, something which I’m not too familiar with. But based on this opening track from the album, he certainly could handle himself as an MC. I’m definitely curious to hear what this collection of previously unheard material will be like. 3.5/5

Tim Hecker – “Castrati Stack”

I saw this was getting a fair amount of buzz online, as a newcomer to Tim Hecker’s work I did not expect to hear a minimalistic, atmospheric electronic piece accompanied by a haunting vocal section from the Icelandic Choir Ensemble. It reminds me of the abstract, musique concrète electronic material that Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark dabbled with in the early 1980s, as well as Brian Eno’s famous ambient pieces. 4/5

Weezer – “L.A. Girlz”

It’s 2016 and Rivers Cuomo is still making music lamenting the nature of his relationships, in this instance the women that reside in Los Angeles who have seemingly wronged him! Again! Musically speaking it’s a welcome return to form, reminiscent of the band’s best output between Weezer (Blue Album) and Pinkerton. Rivers can still belt out a decent vocal performance, too. 3.5/5

– Karl


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