Nowhere Bros Podcast: 2015 in Review

Presenting the very first episode in the Nowhere Bros monthly podcast series! In this episode, Sam & I review some of our favorite music of 2015 and discuss some of the major issues in the world of music from last year, and look ahead to 2016.

Topics covered:

  • Karl’s favorite albums of 2015
  • Sam’s favorite albums of 2015
  • Disappointments & let-downs of 2015
  • Music streaming
  • NZ Festivals in decline?
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee debacles
  • 2016 releases to look forward to
  • Potential issues in 2016
  • Holograms & tribute acts
We’ll be back this time next month with another episode, so stay tuned! Be sure to subscribe to our new youtube channel in the meantime, which is still in the works. Peace!
 – Karl

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