2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees: My Thoughts



The 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees have been announced.

And they are as followed


Deep purple

The Smiths



Janet Jackson

The Cars

Cheap Trick

The J.Bs

The Spinners

Los Lobos

Steve Miller


Chaka Khan

Nine Inch Nails


Six of these acts will be inducted in April next year.

As happens every year with this sham of an organisation, controversy emerges around who receives a nomination, as well as who is left out. One particular thing that gets my goat is how some of last year’s nominees do not receive a nomination again this time around. What then becomes the point of the nomination process? There is also the problem of continuously nominating people and not inducting them e.g. Chic, who has been nominated a record ten times. I also feel certain genres constantly get ignored such as metal, prog rock and indie/new wave, and US acts appear to be nominated more often than UK acts. This year, only three of the fifteen nominees are from the UK.

For the fourth year running, the public will be able to vote for their favorites at the Hall of Fame website until the 9th of December. The top five acts from the fan vote will compromise a fan’s ballot that will count as one of the ballots that determine the inductees.

I hope The Smiths, Yes, Deep Purple and NWA get inducted, along with one of Cheap Trick, The Cars, Chic or Chaka Khan. But my gut feeling is that both Janet Jackson and Nine Inch Nails will get the nod.

Now with this year’s nominees announced, it is another year where many artists have been passed over for induction yet again. The list of some of the artists not in the hall is extraordinary and could quite possibly pass as a list of hall of fame inductees. This list takes on even more significance when you consider some of the names who got inducted ahead of them. The question remains will they ever get inducted? And, if so when?

The List of who the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has snubbed


Big Star

Billy Bragg

The Cure

De La Soul

Dire Straits

Doobie Brothers

Fairport Convention

Gary Numan

Gipsy Kings

Grace Jones

Harry Nilsson

Joe Cocker

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers

King Crimson


The Meters

Joy Division

New Order

Nick Drake

The Jam


Procol Harum

The Replacements

Roxy Music

Shangri Las

The Specials

T Rex


Warren Zevon

The Zombies


Todd Rundgren

Depeche Mode

Willie Nelson

Dick Dale

Iron Maiden


– Sam 

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