Genre of the Week 4: Britpop

#GenreoftheWeek Britpop 

This week has been Britpop week at Nowhere Bros. I have been posting daily about Britpop, its history, its artists and its legacy. 

Below is a list of the songs I posted. Although it is not a definitive playlist, it is a starting point for getting into Britpop, or re-familiarizing yourself with Britpop, twenty years on. There are of course plenty more tracks out there as well. 

It has been a wonderful week posting about Britpop, and indeed reminiscing about the music of my youth. Karl is back this coming week with a new genre. Should be good… see you in a week. 

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I have also created a Spotify Playlist for this weeks genre as well. Spotify/Britpop
Nowhere Bros Britpop Week Playlist 

The Smiths – “This Charming Man” (Single, 1984)

The Smiths – “Panic” (Single, 1986)

Jesus and Mary Chain – “Darklands” (Darklands, 1987)

Stone Roses – “She Bangs the Drums” (Stone Roses, 1989)

Stone Roses – “I Am The Resurrection” (Stone Roses, 1989)

The La’s – “There She Goes” (The La’s, 1990)

The La’s – “Timeless Melody” (The La’s, 1990)

Inspiral Carpets – “This Is How It Feels (Life, 1990)

Happy Mondays – “Step On” (Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches, 1990)

Blur – “There’s No Other Way” (Leisure, 1991)

My Bloody Valentine – “Only Shallow” (Loveless, 1991)

Primal Scream – “Loaded’ (Screamadelica, 1991)

Massive Attack – “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got” (Blue Lines, 1991)

Ride – “Leave Them All Behind” (Going Blank Again, 1992)

Paul Weller – “Sunflower” (Wild Wood, 1993)

Suede – “Animal Nitrate” (Suede, 1993)

Suede – “The Drowners” (Suede, 1993)

Blur – “Chemical World” (Modern Life Is Rubbish, 1993)

Blsur – “For Tomorrow” (Modern Life Is Rubbish, 1993)

Portishead – “Roads” (Dummy, 1994)

Oasis – “Supersonic” (Definitely Maybe, 1994)

Oasis – “Liver Forever” (Definitely Maybe, 1994)

Blur – “Parklife” (Parklife, 1994)

Blur – “End Of A Century” (Parklife, 1994)

Paul Weller – “The Changingman” (Stanley Road, 1995)

Oasis – “Morning Glory” (What’s the Story Morning Glory, 1995)

Oasis – “Roll With It” (What’s the Story Morning Glory, 1995)

Oasis – “Don’t Look Back in Anger” (What’s the Story Morning Glory, 1995)

Oasis – “Champagne Supernova” (What’s the Story Morning Glory, 1995)

Blur – “Stereotypes” (The Great Escape, 1995)

Blur – “It Could Be You” (The Great Escape, 1995)

Blur – “Country House” (The Great Escape, 1995)

Pulp – “Common People” (Different Class, 1995)

Supergrass – “Alright” (I Should Coco, 1995)

Radiohead – “Just” (The Bends, 1995)

Echobelly – “Great Things” (On, 1995)

Boo Radleys – “Wake Up Boo!” (Wake Up!, 1995)

Elastica – “Waking Up” (Elastica, 1995)

Suede – “Trash” (Coming Up, 1996)

Super Furry Animals – “Something for the Weekend” (Fuzzy Logic, 1996)

Manic Street Preachers – “A Design For Life” (Everything Must Go, 1996)

The Verve – “Bitter Sweet Symphony” (Urban Hymns, 1997)

Oasis – “The Girl In The Dirty Shirt” (Be Here Now, 1997)

Radiohead – “Paranoid Android” (OK Computer, 1997)

Travis – “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” (The Man Who, 1999)

Coldplay – “Yellow” (Parachutes, 2000)

The Libertines – “Vertigo” (Up the Bracket, 2002)

Franz Ferdinand – ‘Take Me Out” (Franz Ferdinand, 2004)

Gorillaz – “Every Planet We Reach is Dead” (Demon Days, 2005)

Oasis – “Lyla” (Don’t Believe the Truth, 2005)

Arctic Monkeys – “I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor” (Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, 2006)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “Do The Damage” (Chasing Yesterday, 2015)

Blur – “Ghost Ship” (The Magic Whip, 2015)

– Sam 


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