Last night John Oliver began his stint as host of The Daily Show… and he nailed it.

Yes, he nailed it. Serving as temporary host while Jon Stewart directs his first film Rosewater, British comedian and political satirist John Oliver served a hilarious and insightful episode typical of The Daily Show‘s style, along with a bit of light ribbing from his fellow correspondents.

Oliver had the unenviable task of satirising the recent NSA surveillance scandal, which was met with a rather incredulous reaction – “are you fucking kidding me?! Jon’s only been gone one day!” There was also a bit of your usual British self-deprecating dry humour, “tonight Seth Rogen is here… and I look forward to explaining to him just who the fuck I am”  

But the highlight of the episode was his final remark on one of the segments regarding the legality of the NSA scandal – Mr. President, no one is saying you broke any laws, we’re just saying it’s a little bit weird you didn’t have to”

Watch clips from last night’s episode here.



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