The Moons – Fables Of History (2012)

Led by Paul Weller’s keyboard player Andy Croft, The Moons are a 1960s influenced psychedelic pop/rock band from Northampton, and it is with their second studio release Fables Of History where the listener can clearly see where this band gets its inspiration from. Fables Of History is chock full of Beatles like melody and harmony, Kinks inspired lyrics, and Zombies influenced psychedelia, all mixed together in a contemporary manner. The band does a very good job in ensuring the songs on the album sound fresh and modern, but without losing that classic 1960s British sound which seeps through each track on the album. You can here elements of The Zombies on the opening track “Be Not Me” with an infectious psychedelic keyboard sound, as well as a slowed down dreamy sounding bridge which makes the listener feel as if they will be taken into space any minute. Beatles like psychedelic pop is heard on songs such as “Revolutionary Lovers”, “Forever Came Today”, and “The First Goodbye” songs which sound as if they could have been written in 1967 not 2012. The Kinks influence is also there to be seen on tracks like “English Summer”, and “Jennifer Sits Alone” with more intermit storybook lyrics accompanied by simpler, less busy psychadelic arrangements. The band do go down a more psychedelic route on this album compared to their heavily Beatles influenced first release, but this slight change in direction does not affect the quality of the songs in anyway, with the busy psychedelic grooves in combination with simple soothing melodies making this album a very enjoyable listen. Fables of History is well worth a listen if you are into 1960s British psychedelic pop, and may also appeal to those not familiar with that period but would like to check it out in the form of something more contemporary. Whatever your taste in music is, I thoroughly recommend this album.

– Sam

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