Book Review: "You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles" by Peter Doggett

“You Never Give Me Your Money” takes apart bit by bit the breakup of one of the biggest bands that has ever been, and then puts the microscope on the relationships and squabbles that ensued between the band member and those close to them in the following decades. What this book highlights is that grown men do not always grow up, and that lawyers and managers in the music industry a lot of the time cannot be trusted when it comes to money. The book written by Peter Doggett also does a very good job in dispelling the myth that Yoko broke up The Beatles, emphasising strongly that tired friendships and the desire to develop as artists were more compelling reasons for this “inevitable” result. Although Doggett spends a lot of time looking into the bands legal issues using very big words which make no sense to me, the book is extremely well researched and does a good job examining the lives of The Beatles post-The Beatles right up to today. A truly insightful read for any music fan.


– Sam


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